Spirulina, the SuperFood for Super Multi-Vitamins

Spirulina Vitamins

Why do Fish Breeders, Farms, Professionals

like Spirulina Ingredient so much ?


Can Fish Food do without Spirulina?

It’s possible but you are missing out something

good and essential : Vitamins


A small dose of Premium Spirulina daily is all you need to supplement A1,B1,B2,B6,B12,C and E.


Why /What are the benefits to these VITAMINS?


Read on, to find out more on how Spirulina Vitamins can help your fishes to grow healthy and strong!


Final Understanding :

Spirulina is DEFINITELY a Champion Fish ‘s REQUIRED SUPPLEMENT !

“The best food produces the best fishes”

The Importance of Spirulina Algae

The importance of Spirulina Algae

 “Algae, Nature Way of Providing Nutrients and Vitamins to Aquatic Fishes “

Recent Fish Diet Research has discovered the vast nutrition of Spirulina algae

62% amino acid content

55-70% proteins

Vitamins A1,B1,B2,B3,B6,B9,C,D,E,K

47 % Carotenoids

Trace Minerals(Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, Iodine, Magnesium and many more )

And Let’s Look at How Nature Utilise Algae as a “superfood”


“Aquatic Food Chain”

Take a look! The main source of the food chain starts with ALGAE!

“Algae is considered the most essential form of food in the ocean and they are consumed by zooplanktons absorbing/retaining the nutrients for their predators

 To increase our understanding,

Nature has many other smart motives to using Algae as a food source

“Spirulina Algae functions as a probiotic which improve fishes’ immune system and as a collective effect, it ensure a good healthy ecosystem.

“Spirulina Algae also induces better, uniform rates of fishes , as Spirulina improves the intestinal flora in fishes by the breakdown of otherwise indigestible feed components, thereby extracting more nutrients and ensure low wastage digestion.

The Art of Nature’s Feeding



Shiny Article


How do you get your Fishes to look VIBRANT and TOP-BREED?





It all lies on the SURFACE.




  I.e. Fish Skin Colour and Shine on Scales.



You see…..


Fish skin Colour is primarily dependent on the presence of light-reflecting cells



Which consists of carotenoids ( e.g. asthaxanthin, beta carotene ,and etc ) .



The Hard Truth:


BUT can Modify Carotenoids to store them in their tissues.


What ‘s Cool is that some Fishes ( e.g. LionHead Goldfish )

can convert  beta carotene( carotenoids ) into astaxanthin and  etc.



THAT is Why Spirulina Ingredient is so Popular These days!


  • 47 % of Carotenoids ( Red/ Orange ) Available in Spirulina!




The more beta carotene you feed, The more COLOUR  and Shine you can expect till it reach it’s maximum potential!



So what are we waiting for ?


Time to Load up our Fishes with SPIRULINA RICH FOOD DIET!








Make Way!! Incoming Shapely Fish!

shapely advertisment

Same species  But DIFFERENT BODY BUILD ….


                    It’s POSSIBLE……

 With ……



50 to 70 % Proteins

Five Times Easier to Digest than meat and soy proteins

Contains Eight Major Amino acids

And all the fatty acids required for complete nutrition.



 Looks like Popeye’s Super Muscle Growth makes some sense after all.


What in the world is this?


                               It’s expensive But Nutritional

It’s a superfood But used SPARINGLY in our fish food products



S P I R U L I N A.

Tested and Proven…








Weight : Up to 350 kg

Length: Up to 2.7m

Diet: Herbivore

Preferred Food: Algae



Mekong Fish with Spirulina Diet( 5% )


Mekong Fish without Spirulina Diet 


Results :  



Make Way or Make the Way



                        – End-


GoldFishes are having Stomache!!!

Fish meal, Krill meal, Herring Meal, Brine Shrimps Meal, Plankton Meal, Salmon meal  low quality meal  and many more………..


These are the favourite fish food ingredients that are nutritional



but…………….   it must be EATEN IN MODERATION ……


Why ????

  Because …..

Goldfish ‘s Digestive System just do not have the capacity to absorb all the nutrients most of the times!



     A good balance of GOOD BACTERIA and BAD BACTERIA is needed for OPTIMUM Nutrients Absorption


but LOOK AT THE FISH FOOD we are feeding them !


Alot of Meaty Proteins but Little Digestion Improvers


What happens to the proteins meal that are not absorbed ?


All proteins via fish food introduction will eventually manifest as NITRATE!


If the fish is unable to properly digest the proteins in the food, once passed through the fish, bacteria will.


You will end up doing more water changes to combat the nitrates resulting from feeding the bacteria.










We are proud to present you our latest fish food products that would improve the beauty and health of our delicate ornamental fishes. As we know, aquarium owners desire to bring out the colour, health and growth of our fishes but do we know what it takes to maximize their potential? There is a common saying that when health is concerned, diet is everything. Indeed, it is true and AEE believes that SPIRULINA PROBIOTICS will make a difference in your fish food diet. Trust us as our products have been tested in our aquascape tanks before gaining your loyalty in making our products your favourite fish diet. Stay tuned for our latest updates and reviews!