Probiotics vs Antibiotics


Why Probiotics and not antibiotics from the vet?

1)Probiotics are a much healthier option compared to medication, it has little or side effects!

2)Probiotics are more efficient than antibiotics.


AEE K9+ is a probiotics with Prebiotics health supplement that can be consumed on a daily basis to give your pet dog a good and strong digestive system.

Why wait till your loved one (pet dog) gets sick before taking action!

Prevention is always better than cure !


Please Protect our Dogs!

1We all need protection including our Dogs… The environment we are living in today is getting more polluted, deteriorating water quality , poor food diet, rapid climate change, etc

A good balance of Beneficial Bacteria is present in our Intestinal System. However, it deteriorates unknowingly at times due to various causes.

2Harmful Bacteria (e.g. Virus,) are aggressively trying to enter Our Pets’ Bodies by breaking down the protective layer of our digestive system. Once it is successful…

3Therefore, it is crucial and essential to supplement our Dogs with an immunity/digestive improvement diet occasionally! Health Complications are never easy to recover….

Beneficial Bacteria like Lactobacillus, Bacillus, Bifidobacterium are effective bacterium agents to Maintain, Repair and Improve our Dog’s Intestinal system Its never fun watching our Dogs get Sick…

As the saying goes… Prevention is better than cure.

Let’s all protect our Loved Ones.